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About R. Allen Design

Our Services

R. Allen Design offers custom residential design drawings for clients seeking to build a new residence or remodel an existing residence.  Our clients are the everyday individuals who have a folder of ideas and pictures but don't know where to start with creating their home design.  In most cases, they have a good idea of what they want and how much they can afford to budget but are not sure how to put it together.  Often clients have found that although there are thousands of internet plans for sale online, they just don't have all options necessary to meet their needs. R. Allen Design fills this need by offering residential design and project management services. Our desire is to help the customer take their ideas and help them create a design that will fit in their budget.  We work with your contractor as well as the local building authorities in your area to make sure we are meeting all requirements necessary to give you a safe and beautiful home.  Please feel free to visit our FAQ page link above for other frequently asked questions.

Who Is R. Allen Design

Reggie Allen is the owner and daily operator at R. Allen Design.  He is approaching his 22nd year of experience in the residential design field.  Reggie is a CPBD (Certified Professional Building Designer).  This certification is offered by AIBD (American Institute of Building Design) by a separate self-governing board called NCBDC (National Council of Building Designer Certification) which maintains and administers accredited certifications for professional building designers.  The certification requires background education, extensive experience, preliminary testing, and annual CEU (Continuing Education Units) requirements to remain certified annually.  It allows Reggie to apply this certified stamp with his name and unique certification number to all of his designs as proof of his knowledge, experience, and continual efforts to improve and excel in the professional building design profession.  Reggie has worked with companies and clients in many areas such as architectural design, interior space planning, and budgeting.  He has hands on experience in construction and project management as well.  He is not a contractor or builder but has passed all TN State Contractor Licensing tests so he can better help you with your project.  Reggie continues to stay up to date on industry codes and standards as he works to improve how he designs custom homes for his clients.  He works with clients on a daily basis and is involved with all projects that R. Allen Design offers services to.   Please feel free to visit our FAQ page link above for other frequently asked questions.

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